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Veganly Yours,

12/18 Lunch from the Cinnamon Snail! 

I can’t believe the Cinnamon Snail was right up the street from my job today! Me, BF and BFF were at the vegan pop up shop and Pine Box Rock Shop on Saturday and they were parked out front. We didn’t get anything then because we were too busy munching on grilled cheese sandwiches and fudge from the pop up, so as soon as I saw the truck on the corner before my building as I walked to work this morning, I knew where I was getting lunch.

I got their Creole grilled tofu sub and their vanilla bourbon creme brulee donut. I haven’t had the donut yet, but the sub was fantastic. My only complaint was that they didn’t cut it. But there were knives in my office. I was only planning on eating half, but I ended up eating th whole thing; 1. because it was so good! 2. because I didn’t want it to get soggy. But I definitely didn’t regret it. It was just the perfect confection of deliciousness for lunch. 

I will definitely be tracking to see when the Cinnamon Snail will next be in my area. I remember a few weeks ago I checked because all of my co-workers were going to this burger and fries lunch trunk, but it was somewhere in NJ that day.

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